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Current Contests

Surfing MAX Daily AutoSurf Contest!

5 Daily Winners!

Must surf 2500 sites minimum to qualify!

1st Place 600
2nd Place 400
3rd Place 300
4th Place 100
5th Place 50

Only a Free Members Contest
More Surfing you do the higher your ranking will be, also remember totals at the end of the week could win you our  Weekly Surf Contest too!
Auto Surfing Contest ...From: 2016-08-08 through 2050-12-31.
Up to 5 winners every 1 Day
For Level(s): 0

Contest starting: 2021-03-03

And lasting for 1 Day
Position (winner?)User#/pages surfed
1 (Y)1122-Cristian Nedelea3478
2 (n)1247-TerraNova20101498
3 (n)1357-Henk Stabij1348
4 (n)1223-pippo984
5 (n)1377-kenchris894
6 (-)979-Incredible-Earnings.com637
7 (-)856-hts28552
8 (-)900-ibagul2009197
9 (-)1388-Flowees116
10 (-)1373-papawstv55
11 (-)1082-cleverclix38
12 (-)1372-sunrise33
13 (-)1150-zhangping xiao6

Other dates for this contest

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